Budget Laboratory

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Whether you're a student studying to start a career in Information Technology (IT), or a seasoned IT professional, a laboratory (lab) is an invaluable resource.  A good lab can help you learn new technologies, or test them before using them in a production environment.  Building a lab can be both expensive, and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be!

In this series I'll show you how to build lab on a budget.  Everything used is either free, or has a free trial.  You can build this entire lab with no out of pocket expenses if you already own the hardware.  The entire lab can be built using only a single computer!  If you want to use your lab for more than 30 days, there are some pieces of software used in it that require licenses after the trial period has ended.   The licenses will set you back no more than $200.

My easy to follow instructions will have you running a great lab environment in just a few hours.  The requirements for each part are at the top of each article, with links to where to obtain the necessary software.   Each article features step-by-step instructions, lots of screen shots, and some explanations of the processes being followed.