How fitting that 7 years after I started this blog I would relaunch it on a new platform (more on that to come). I know there’s been a lot of times it’s been neglected over the years due to my work/travel schedule, but that’s changing now.  I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who’s stuck with me reading it over the years.  I’ve got a bunch of new stuff planned, so stay tuned!

About Author

about author

Josh Bryant

Josh M. Bryant is currently a Senior Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium where he helps customers overcome the challenges of managing very large scale computing environments. Prior to joining Tanium, he was a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft specializing in Microsoft Exchange Server, and then later a Cybersecurity Architect specializing in Compromise Recovery. Josh is also a Master Sergeant in the Illinois Air National Guard where he manages a team of Cyber Threat Intelligence specialists.

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