Storage choices when virtualizing Exchange.

Alex Fontana over on the VMware blogs posted a great article on choosing between virtual disks (VMDK files) and Raw-device Mappings (RDM) when virtualizing an Exchange server.   Check it out here:

I have deployed virtualized Exchange servers on VMDK files in ESXi 4.1 environments without any issues.   I've also used the "In-guest iSCSI" method he talks about in the article, which is one of my personal favorites.  The In-guest iSCSI method is what I use for Exchange servers that reside in my budget lab along with the FreeNAS based Virtual SAN I demonstrated in that series.

For production environments, I've stuck with either RDM, or the In-guest ISCSI, depending on the SAN architecture.  I'll definitely consider VMDK from here on out.

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