pfSense 2.0 is out!

UPDATE: It took a little longer than expected, but pfSense 2.0-RELEASE is finally available for download.

As of about 12 hours ago, pfSense 2.0-RELEASE is building, which means it is finally coming out!  Once it has finished building, it should be available for download.  If you were running 1.2.3-RELEASE or 2.0-RC3, it will be time to upgrade!  I'll be writing an article on how to upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.0 using the environment I configured for my "Budget Laboratory: Part 1 – Multi-WAN Load Balancing with pfSense on VMWare Workstation" article. I may also write a new version of that article building the whole thing from scratch with pfSense 2.0.

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